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The Role of Exercise in Health

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Exercise, as part of a healthy lifestyle, is an important component in the maintenance of health. 'Therapeutic exercise' is the process of using specific exercises to promote the restoration of health.

Physicians may prescribe specific exercises to promote the healing of 'wounded parts.' However, the role of exercise in medical care has been largely overshadowed by technology in this era.

Observing this imbalance, Robert Fulford DO, a great osteopath in the late 20th century, encouraged his patients and his colleagues to do 'therapeutic exercise.' Drawing on the succinct concept, "the person is as young as his spine," Dr. Fulford developed a series of exercises now published under the title of "The Twig Unbent."

Hatha Yoga

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A prime reason for the ongoing relevance of Hatha Yoga is that its practice is applicable in both maintenance and restoration of health.

To the practitioner of yoga, the 'therapeutic exercises,' developed by Dr. Fulford, resonate with the asanas (poses) of Hatha Yoga.

As the sun salutation asana (Soorya Namaskar) has served as a core exercise to promote health for the yogi for millennium, the Fulford therapeutic exercises provide an effective exercise protocol for the current millennium.

Drawing on the well-established tradition of Hatha Yoga for the selection of proper exercises (asanas), and breathwork (pranayamas), Yusuf Erskine DO is expanding this work through workshops and class series to encourage participants to experience the therapeutic potency of osteopathic yoga.

Yusuf Erskine DO started studying Hatha Yoga in 1972. He taught on-going yoga classes for ten years prior to embarking on his medical education and training. In 1974, he was initiated into the Sufi Order of the West. His name was expanded to J. Yusuf Quddus Erskine at that time.

He has been in private medical practice in Sebastopol, CA since 1992. His medical practice reflects his broad interests and expertise, osteopathic manipulative medicine, homeopathy, and HIV care.

He continues his practice of yoga as a student and as a teacher.

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O.N.E. Yoga

The integration of osteopathic principles and Hatha Yoga has been penned by Dr. Erskine as O.N.E. Yoga.

Experience the benefits of Osteopathic neuro-musculoskeletal exercise building on Hatha Yoga.

Current Yoga Classes

Dr. Erskine yoga
Dr. Erskine is currently conducting the 2013 Yoga Series Classes.

"Summer 2013 Yoga Series"
July 1 - August 26
Mondays 7:15 p.m. - 8:45 p.m.
$140.00 for 9 classes
Drop-in Fee: $18 per session


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"I was in your Yoga class back in Charlottesville, VA in 1983! I have been reflecting about that time period and what an impact your class had on my life. Since then I have continued with Yoga in some form or another and have never forgotten you."

-- C.G.Y. 3/16/2010