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I endeavor, in the osteopathic medical care that I provide patients, to engage with, support, and enhance the body's natural and inherent tendency to strive toward a state of health and homeostasis.

With a solid, valued background as a residency-trained MD family practice osteopathic Physician, I feel fortunate to be able to orient my medical practice beyond a disease model approach. Utilizing the vital resources found in osteopathic manipulative medicine and classical homeopathy, my practice focuses on stimulating the patient's intrinsic impetus towards health and healing.

Dr. Erskine and Zach

For example, with Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, I am trained to palpate (feel) the body's "living anatomy," i.e. the flow of fluids, motion and texture of tissues, and the status of the structural makeup. With this non-invasive system of osteopathic medicine, "Osteopathic Manual Treatment" is performed to restore normal function in areas impaired by trauma, acute health problems, and/or chronic illness.

Osteopathic medicine can address successfully a myriad of health problems through the osteopathic Physician's thoughtful evaluation, diagnostic assessment, and application of individualized osteopathic manipulative treatments.

Osteopathic Philosophy: The Tenets

Dr. Erskine

"To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease."
-- A.T. Still MD, DO, Founder of Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathic Manipulation Techniques frequently utilized by Dr. Erskine

The osteopathic medical treatment for each patient will vary depending on what the individual patient requires. The techniques that I utilize share a common intention to clear restrictions and restore fluid continuity, balance, and freedom. Furthermore, as William G. Sutherland DO states beautifully, the treatments "allow physiologic function within to manifest its own unerring potency, rather than applying a blind force from without." The palate of specific osteopathic treatment modalities is broad.

The treatment modalities I frequently apply are listed below.

Cranial Osteopathy

Brain cross section

Cranial osteopathy is a specific approach within the osteopathic concept. It influences the structure and fluid surrounding the central nervous system, creating an impact on the total body and initiating the body's inherent capacity to heal itself. Fascial connections throughout the body are contiguous with the linings around the central nervous system, including the dura and other structures. Practitioners of cranial osteopathy utilize a manual approach to accomplish these goals within the practice of Osteopathic Medicine.

Visceral Osteopathy

Visceral manipulation relates to the interrelationship of the structure and function of the internal organs being just as important as among the constituents of the musculoskeletal system. Manipulation of the viscera can be beneficially used in the treatment of internal organ dysfunction and other disease states.

Myofascial Release

Dr. Erskine

This procedure is designed to treat primarily the myofascial structures. In the use of direct myofascial release treatment (MRT) a restrictive barrier is engaged in the myofascial tissues. The tissue is loaded with a constant force until release occurs. In treating with indirect MRT the dysfunctional tissues are guided along the path of least resistance until free movement is achieved.

Lymphatic Technique

This manual procedure is designed to promote circulation of lymphatic fluids and can be used to treat various difficulties. One technique is pressure applied with the physician's hands to the supine patient's upper anterior chest wall. When the force is applied to the chest during its maximum expiration, the physician's hands are removed suddenly. This increases negative pressure within the chest to assist the body's respiratory system in moving lymphatic fluids.

Muscle Energy Technique

Spine pic

In this manual technique, the patient is directed to use his or her muscles from a precise position and in a specific direction against counterforce applied by the physician. The purpose is to restore motion, decrease muscle tissue changes, and modify asymmetry of somatic dysfunction.


The counterstrain technique is a manual procedure in which the patient is moved passively away from the restricted motion barrier, towards the position of greatest comfort. At this point appropriate gamma gain distortion within the affected muscle fibers is restored.

Somatoemotional Release

Somatoemotional Release is based on the fact that the tissues of the body are extremely sophisticated. So sophisticated that they are capable of recording significant traumatic events of one's life, burning these patterns into your muscle memory. Trauma includes emotional as well as physical.


Dr Erskine with Zach
"Since I have been seeing Dr. Erskine for Osteopathy, the following have occurred: First I was able to cancel surgery on my finger. Second, almost 12 months after knee surgery, I still had pain that an additional cortisone shot from the surgeon did not resolve; however, after just a few sessions with Dr. Erskine my knee is completely fine, and I walk down staircases without holding on to the banister. Now currently, we are working on my shoulders, which have never been pain free since the crutches I had to use for two months after my knee surgery. Physical therapy and a personal trainer helped to increase my strength, but they did nothing to relieve pain or improve my internal alignment; but, after one osteopathic treatment, my range of motion was increased without pain!"

-- E.S. 5/6/13

"Dear Dr. Erskine, Thank you for your part in the healing of my back injury. I am more than 90% recovered and stronger than I have been in a long time."

--M. K. 11/10/11

"I was living life in pain, head to toe, literally. Thank goodness I discovered Dr. Erskine. I am excited to say that after only a few sessions of osteopathic manipulation, my debilitating neck and body pains were gone. Dr. Erskine also added homeopathic remedies for speedy bone healing after surgery and also for GERD (reflux). Both were very effective. I now have increased energy, flexibility and range of motion. Dr. Erskine is a great healer with so much compassion towards his patients and all humanity."

-- M.W. 12/21/2009

"Osteopathy has helped me inhabit my body more fully and congruently. It is so gently and yet very effective. I am amazed at "Dr. Radar Fingers" and the ability to find the spot that needs attention the most. It is an amazing modality that deserves more attention for what it can accomplish."

-- M.T. 3/2/10